digital design studio

From creating sustainable brand strategies and shaping visual identities to designing and developing unique websites, in our digital design studio we always work with a lot of love and exceptional respect for the values ​​and ideas of our clients.

We are thinking & creating for clients – partners who follow their dreams, understand the power of good design & know that we create a more beautiful, more functional & better world together.


5th ELEMENT is a boutique digital design studio founded in late 2019, by a creative director, Sonja Zalar. We are a small team with many years of experience in digital product design, developing interactive experiences, and creating brands.

Our services cover all digital creative disciplines: branding and creation of visual identities, UX / UI design, web design and development of websites and applications, design of promotional materials for printing, marketing solutions on social media networks, and much more.

Our mission is to help clients achieve their ideas and goals with meaningful design and software solutions. We work exclusively with companies, organizations, and people who share our vision and desire to create a more beautiful and better world together.

Want to change the world for the better? We too!